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Sabrina the Animated Series | Best of Harvey | Full Episodes Compilation | HD | Cartoons for Kids

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Sabrina the Animated Series| Best of Harvey| Full Episodes
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Meet Sabrina Spellman, a cute twelve year-old with a big heart and an even bigger secret.

Sabrina is psyched about school dance and can’t understand why Harvey doesn’t want to go. She learns that Harvey can’t dance, so in order to help him she summons the Lord of the Dance (Hilda’s old boyfriend). The Lord produces a pair of shoes that makes Harvey a dancin’ machine. Every time music is heard Harvey’s feet does their stuff…and won’t stop. Since the Lord is under no obligation to remove them Sabrina must get the shoes off Harvey before he dances himself to death.

Determined to make Harvey happy, Sabrina dabbles in the spooky jar to make him the raddest skateboarder since Tony Hawk, so he can join a pro team. Problems arise as Harvey finds himself in the middle of the championship contest and the spell has worn off. Uh Oh! Sabrina must save his pride and his hide.

When Harvey can’t make the wrestling team, Sabrina uses Dragon Spray to help him. The stuff actually works, making Harvey a star wrestler who can even beat Slugloaf. But Harvey thinks the spray gives him luck and he takes more than he should. It causes him to grow to Dragon size proportions and he destroys the town in search for more spray. Sabrina must get Harvey to remember what it’s like being his old self in order to get things back to normal.

Sabrina: The Animated Series is an American animated television series based on the Archie Comics character Sabrina the Teenage Witch.[1] It was produced by Savage Studios Ltd. and Hartbreak Films in association with DIC Entertainment, which was owned by Disney at the time.

The cartoon is a non-canon spin-off of the live action series that ran on ABC (also owned by Disney). In 2002, a movie, Sabrina: Friends Forever, and a spin-off series, Sabrina's Secret Life, were produced by DiC, this time without the ownership of Disney.

Unlike previous incarnations, Sabrina Spellman in this series is depicted as a 12-year-old attending middle school. As in the original comic series, Sabrina lives with her two aunts, Hilda and Zelda Spellman, and her loud-mouthed cat Salem Saberhagen, all of whom advise Sabrina on the use of magic. It is considered a spin-off of the live-action series and borrows certain elements from it, but is obviously set in an alternate universe, as it contradicts the live-action show's premise of Sabrina not knowing about magic prior to her sixteenth birthday.

Most episodes center on the typical problems of middle school, along with those that stemmed from Sabrina's inexperience with or misuse of various magic, witchcraft, and extremely powerful and complex spells. Sabrina and her best friend Chloe would often use magic (often from the "Spooky Jar"; a cookie jar containing a genie-like being in the family's kitchen) for all sorts of perceived emergencies, ranging from trying to fit into skinny new clothes to turning Sabrina's crush Harvey into a superhero. By the end of each episode, her innate magical abilities would unintentionally backfire and Sabrina would learn that using magic usually is not the solution to her day-to-day problems.

Sabrina Spellman
Sabrina is a half witch–half mortal that won't become magically empowered until she's sixteen, but she is able to borrow spells from her aunts Hilda and Zelda using a magical "Spooky Jar", which she often does. However, she usually finds that her meddling turns situations from bad to worse. Her friend Chloe is aware of Sabrina's magic but Harvey Kinkle, another friend and her romantic interest, isn't. She is secretly in love with Harvey and wants one day to marry him.[citation needed] She wears a white tank top with a pink stripe, a green moon-shaped earring paired with a yellow star-shaped earring, pink skirt, pink hair-clips in her bangs, with white and pink sneakers. When she casts a spell the magic produced is pink and yellow. She is voiced by Emily Hart; Melissa Joan Hart's sister who played her cousin Amanda in the episode "Witchright Hall".

Harvey Kinkle
Harvey has a cute and sweet personality. While he only admits to Sabrina that she is his "best pal," he likes her very much. However, Harvey is unaware Sabrina is a witch although often sees the results of the magic himself. He is voiced by Bill Switzer.

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